Thursday, March 28, 2024

Box Card Bird House Tutorial

Hi there friends! Has Spring sprung where you live yet? It has where I live and I'm ready for it. I have loved all the springtime files that are showing up in Loris's shop and knew I needed to make one. Today I am sharing an assembly tutorial for the Box Card Birdhouse Flowers (SVG, Silhouette). 

This card is darling as is, but I needed to put a little spin on it with bees. I used the Bee Happy collection by Echo Park Paper Co. I also resized everything to be a little bigger.

I first glued all of the flowers together. All of the flowers have two layers and a center. I swapped out the paper centers for enamel dots. I then glued all of the flowers onto the green inserts. The middle insert has most of the flowers while the back insert has two flowers. For the first insert I trimmed off the bird and glued on the bee sticker. 

Next, I glued on the decor for the birdhouse. (I forgot to take a proper picture) There is two sets of two roof pieces, two rounds for the doorway and a smaller round for decoration. There is also two base pieces for the bottom of the birdhouse and one for a perch. One of the completed roofs and bottom pieces are for the back. The base of the of the box card comes in two pieces that need to be glued together. Line up the edge of large tab with the side of the house. With the front of the house facing down I glued the inserts in. Be sure to have the right side of the insert facing you. All of the tabs are valley folds. I added glue to back of the right tab then lined the tab up with the straight edge of the front of the house and the top of the side of the box base. Then lined up the next two inserts up next to the back of the insert in front and the top of the side of the box card. I then carefully folded the inserts over making sure not to bend the leaves of the flowers so that the wrong sides of the inserts are facing up.    

I had to trim the edges of the left tabs because they were overlapping the tab in front of it a little bit. Then I added glue to all of them and folded the base of the box card over making sure all the small tab lined up correctly. I then added glue to the large tab on the base and folded the back of the card over holding in place till the glue set. 

I then added a bee sticker to the front on the card and tucked one into the back flowers. 

I really like how this one turned out. I hope you all have a happy spring and thanks for being here. 


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