Monday, March 13, 2023

Lori Whitlock Creative Team Blog Hop March 2023

Hi there and welcome to the Lori Whitlock blog hop! The order this month is Lori, Traci, Anita, Brandie, Ashley, Cathy, and Marcia. This month I am sharing the cute 3D Rainbow I made to add to my St Patrick's Day decor (SVG, Silhouette). As I was making this rainbow my darling eight-year-old told me "If that is supposed to be a rainbow then you are missing some colors." Well little mister it is a rainbow and I get to make it whatever color I please. Critics... 

This happy little rainbow was fun to make and embellish. Thanks for hopping along today.  Ashley is up next.


Wednesday, March 1, 2023

5x7 Grid Pop Up Card Tutorial 3/2

Hi there friends! Today I'm sharing a tutorial for the new 5x7 Grid Pop Up Cards. I am using the 5x7 Grid Pop Up Card Butterfly (SVG, Silhouette). These cards have the pop-up wow factor of a box card but are much easier to make and they fold flat for mailing! These cards are also great scrap busters I didn't need to cut into a new 12x12 sheet paper for any of the pieces. 

Once I had everything cut out of 80lb cardstock I inked the edges of the treetops, flowers, and butterfly. This file also has a print and cut sentiment that is glued onto the back of the treetop (not pictured). 

I then assembled the insets. For the small flower pieces, I used my sticker maker. When I glued the butterfly together, I only added glue to the center body portion to give the wings a little more dimension. 

Now to assemble the card. There is three green base pieces two smaller and one large. Each one has three slits cut into them. The smaller bases are for the outside and large one goes in the middle. 

Starting with the trees slide each base into the slits at the bottom of tree panel. The bottom edge of the tree panel and the bases should be level and touching the table. Now add the butterfly panel and the flower panel the same way.

To fold flat just push base over to one side. The bases do not need to come apart to fold flat.

This card is fun and easy to make, and Lori has lots of versions. Definity go check them out! Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, February 13, 2023

Lori Whitlock Creative Team Blog Hop February 2023

Hi there and welcome to the Lori Whitlock Creative Team Blog Hop! Happy Valentines Day friends!  This hop order this month is Lori, Traci, Anita, Brandie, and Ashley

Have you tried making one of Loris Impossible cards? The are so cute and easy to make. Definitely worth having a few of these files in your library for when you need a quick card. I made the Impossible Card Valentine Gnome (SVG, Silhouette). I love how they stand up then fold flat for mailing. So fun! 

Thats it for me today. Ashley is up next. Have a great week! 


Sunday, February 5, 2023

Box Card Rose Box 2/6

Hi there friends! Will Valentine's Day fast approaching I have been busy making cards to send out. Today I'm sharing one that I am sending this year. I love the roses in this box card, they are so fun and easy to adapt to any season and person. Box Card Rose Box (SVG, Silhouette).  

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great week!


Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Mini Vertical Mailbox Tutorial

Hi there! Today I am sharing another cute Valentine's Day project. This little mailbox is a perfect size for a tiered tray or a small space that needs a little holiday decor. It can also be filled with treats to give to a special someone. 

The file is the Mini Vertical Mailbox (SVG, Silhouette). I cut everything out of 80lb cardstock. All of the score line are mountain folds except for the front door.  

I started with the bottom and glued the tabs to the longest piece while lining the bottom edge up with the score line on the tab. I then glued the sides of the mailbox to the bottom, again using the score lines and edge of the tab to line everything up. 

This part can be a little tricky but go slow and really secure the sides before moving to the arches of the mailbox. I applied the glue to the front straight sides first and made sure they were secure. 

As I moved along to the arches, I applied glue to a few of the small tabs at a time and made sure they were dry before moving around the arch. I glued each side separately. Then when the arches were dry, I applied glue to the three remaining tabs, lined them up then flipped the mailbox onto its back and pressed the tabs down from the inside through the front door.    

I then glued the pattern papers on the sides and front door and assembled the little envelope. I then glued the red trim strips of paper to the edges of the mailbox.  I glued the largest heart to the front door and added a floral sticker. I also glued the little envelope to the front the mailbox.

Now this little mailbox is ready to be displayed with my other holiday decor. Thanks for stopping by today friends!


Monday, January 9, 2023

Lori Whitlock Creative Team Blog Hop January 2023

Hi friends and Happy New Year! Welcome to the blog hop this month. The order is Tarci, Brandie, Ashley, Cathy, and Marcia

This has been a theme for me the last few months.. SOOO. I made another sign. This one is a Valentine's Day cutie. I used the Be Mine Repeat (SVG, Silhouette). 

I used my Glowforge laser cutter, but this would be cute made with vinyl or even paper. Thaks for hoping along with us today! Have a great week. 


This month's discount code. 

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Christmas Mini Album 12/26

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas that was warm and safe! Today I am sharing one of the mini albums from the Fabulous Mini Album Bundle (SVG, Silhouette). I haven't made a December daily album for a few years because they are always so much work and I never seem to be done. So, I decided to scale it down a lot and just make a mini album. Less work, less pressure, but still so fun and cute! I just need to add my pictures and journaling. 

All of the papers, stickers, and embellishments are from The Magic of Christmas collection by Echo Park Paper.

Thanks for stopping by today!