Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Mini Vertical Mailbox Tutorial

Hi there! Today I am sharing another cute Valentine's Day project. This little mailbox is a perfect size for a tiered tray or a small space that needs a little holiday decor. It can also be filled with treats to give to a special someone. 

The file is the Mini Vertical Mailbox (SVG, Silhouette). I cut everything out of 80lb cardstock. All of the score line are mountain folds except for the front door.  

I started with the bottom and glued the tabs to the longest piece while lining the bottom edge up with the score line on the tab. I then glued the sides of the mailbox to the bottom, again using the score lines and edge of the tab to line everything up. 

This part can be a little tricky but go slow and really secure the sides before moving to the arches of the mailbox. I applied the glue to the front straight sides first and made sure they were secure. 

As I moved along to the arches, I applied glue to a few of the small tabs at a time and made sure they were dry before moving around the arch. I glued each side separately. Then when the arches were dry, I applied glue to the three remaining tabs, lined them up then flipped the mailbox onto its back and pressed the tabs down from the inside through the front door.    

I then glued the pattern papers on the sides and front door and assembled the little envelope. I then glued the red trim strips of paper to the edges of the mailbox.  I glued the largest heart to the front door and added a floral sticker. I also glued the little envelope to the front the mailbox.

Now this little mailbox is ready to be displayed with my other holiday decor. Thanks for stopping by today friends!


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