Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Advent Calendar

As a kid I always dreamed of having an advent calendar at Christmas. Kinda like the one in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  A little window to open every day with a treat inside or some special message. But with several brothers and a sister that dream never became a reality. What we did get every year was a lifesaver story book. Do you remember those things? They were AWESOME except for the buttered rum and it always came with two rolls of that flavor! Gross! Ahh Christmas traditions. One of the best part of this holiday season.

I'm so glad I get to have the chance to make an advent calendar for my own family and start our own traditions.

Lets move on to the crafts.

I chose the 24 Day Christmas advent Calendar and a few of the Doodlebug SVG's from Lori Whitlock. The paper collection is from Doodlebug Designs. The Here comes Santa Clause collection.

I love how happy everything looks in this collection. I can't help but smile at that Santa.

I'm not sure who came up with the Santa on a Vespa but he sure is CUTE!

I also love the reindeer. On this project they represent each member of my little family.

How does Doodlebug make such simple bird look so cute. I may have to make a few bigger to add to my tree this year.   

I watched the assemble video on Lori's site for the boxes and frame. I designed the little scene in Circuit design space. The boxes measure about 16.5 inches by 6.25 inches. The snowy arch is 15 inches by 8.5 at the highest point. The tallest tress are 8 inches tall.

This was a fun project. That didn't  take to long to tackle. Hopefully you will try one too and make all your kids advent calendar dreams come true.

Please visit again for other fun Christmas projects.

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